Friday, August 3, 2012

New Paintings!!

"Red Sunflower and Apples" by Juliana Forster-copyright
Hello all! Well, we had a little rain today and I am so happy! It cools things down even if it's for a little while. Thank You God! I have also been painting and printing note cards...I have several craft shows starting in September and the sooner I get these things done, the better ;-) Today I want to share my three latest paintings...and guess what? there's a Winter scene one among them! Snow thoughts cools me down...How about you? ;-) Well, here they are, enjoy and have a wonderful day!

"Inside Looking Out"-by Juliana Forster-copyright
"Winter Brings Many Wonders"-by Juliana Forster-copyright


  1. Hi there Juliana, how are you? These paintings are just beautiful! I love your snow scene, it cools me down. I've been listening to a lot of Christmas music while I paint, it does the trick too! How lucky that you got rain! We're still waiting on some relief. I cant wait til fall! How fun you're going to be doing some craft shows too, which ones will you be at?

  2. Hello Heather!

    So nice to hear from you. Thanks so much, and yes that rain was not much but very welcomed! I hope you guys get some soon too :-) I signed up for Indie Emporium this year, it will be my first time there! I only hear great things about it! I'm also participating in Cider Days in Springfield, Mo, and BrushCreek in Tulsa. I am so looking forward to all these shows, they are so much fun...a lot of work but I love meeting people and sharing my art with everybody! Thanks so much for stopping by...The Blog World is new to me...I've only been doing this for a few weeks. Have a great day!