Sunday, July 29, 2012

Rose Inspiration

Beautiful Coral Roses-photo by Juliana Forster-copyright

This past Spring I participated in an Arts and Crafts Show at the Tulsa Garden Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  This place is a beautiful haven of flower delight.  They also have a beautiful Rose Garden, where one can walk through paths of many variety of roses and never get tired of seeing all the gorgeous petals. Inspiration is never far away in this beautiful place... 
I love how the soft pink petals just cover the ground with its beauty :-) photo by Juliana Forster-copyright
One can walk through these rose paths and never get tired...oh and the fragrance...heavenly!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Hopes of Rain and Cooler Weather

Hopes of Rain and Cooler Weather

Here we are talking about Fall again.  But unfortunately we are having triple digit temperatures here in Oklahoma and a drought as well.  It is really sad for so many reasons, one of them being that it is affecting crops and livestock not only here but in other states as well.  Because Fall has been in my mind lately I have also been painting Fall subjects.  Fall brings cooler weather and hope of rain showers as well.  It sure gives us something to look forward to doesn't it?  Another reason why I love Fall is because of its change in weather and scenery.  We don't have much of a change in seasons in Brazil where I grew up.  We have mostly Summer, and the occasional cool days in Winter, but not anything drastic.  It is a beautiful country though, with its gorgeous flora and fauna.  But anyways...I thought I'd share my new Fall Painting with you today and a photo I took last year of a pretty bird enjoying the rain.  I hope you enjoy and let's keep hoping and praying for rain and cooler weather too! Thanks for stopping by, I'd love to hear from you :-)
"Still Life with Fall Leaves and Pumpkins" by Juliana Forster-copyright
"Rain Bath"-photo by Juliana Forster-copyright